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NewsButton-1While there has been a lot of discussion in mainstream media lately regarding the poor jobs reports and the continued high unemployment rate, there are signals coming through this negative fog that show there are jobs available. At least part of the problem in aligning people in need of work with the jobs that are available is that the skillset of the out-of-work does not fit the needs of current employers looking for help.

The recent article seen on CNNMoney is a quick look at good paying jobs that do not require a four-year degree. Included in this article are registered nurses, and the fact that there is un-met demand for RNs. It is important to note that a first-step for many people, as they look to enter the nursing field, is to become a certified nursing assistant. CNAs require less coursework to become certified, and it is a great way to start your career, have some income and evaluate if taking the next step to becoming an RN is right for you.

Whether you’re just out of high school or someone who is looking for a new career, making the emotional and financial commitment to going back to school can be hard. However, there are plenty that will advise, and I am certainly one of them, that there’s no greater feeling than successfully completing a certification or degree and then working in that field. Know that the time and effort has paid off into a regular paycheck is a tremendously rewarding feeling.

As can be read in the CNN article and other similar reports that keep popping up lately, there are opportunities in the healthcare field. Taking the first step is usually the hardest; however CNA Classes Online is designed to make learning more about the profession easy, and connecting with several schools in your area even easier.


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