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A Step-by-Step Guide To Becoming A CNA

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If you’re wondering how to become a CNA, there are just a few steps you need to get started. While not all of the steps discussed in this post are required in order to become a certified nursing assistant, taking the time to complete them will generally help an individual get more out of his or her training programs and, ultimately, find a job faster.

How to Become A CNA – Step-by-Step

Register For Classes

how to become a CNAThe first step in becoming a nursing assistant is to complete the classes that will make you eligible to sit for the certification exam. CNA courses can be taken through a variety of schools and other institutions, but make sure that any classes you register for are properly accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), Commission of Higher Education, or Accreditation Commission for Health Care. Any accredited program will cover the material that appears on the NNAAP standardized test, and should also include the required mix of in-class and clinical study hours mandated by your state’s accrediting body. Vocational schools, community colleges and organizations like the American Red Cross are all good places to look for accredited classes.

Get Some Work Experience

One of the best ways to learn to become a Certified Nursing Assistant is to gain experience through an internship or non-certified nursing assistant position at a local health care facility. While this step is not required in order to qualify you for certification testing, it does provide an excellent  learning opportunity. Furthermore, the personal relationships you build during your internship will likely come in handy once you’ve become certified and are able to apply for jobs in your area.

Pass The Nurse Aide Certification Exam

After your training is completed, you’ll be required to pass the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program in order to become certified.  This two-part test includes a written or oral exam, as well as a hands-on skills demonstration that tests your ability to handle real-life situations and emergencies. If you fail either half of the test, you’ll be able to retake it, but can only do so a total of three times before being forced to go back and retake your CNA training.

Becoming a Certifed Nursing Assistant

The Rewards Of Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant

If you become a CNA, you’ll be stepping into one of the most rewarding professions in health care today while making a decent salary. By following the simple steps in this post, hopefully you’ll find that the process involved in how to become certified is relatively, short, easy and painless.

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