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Information On How To Become A CNA Online Takes Steps To Address The Nation's Nursing Shortage

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Nursing ShortageIn an effort to address a national shortage of CNAs that is hindering the ability of healthcare facilities to provide adequate care to their patients, we here at recently expanded our course listings to include accredited CNA courses in all 50 states. It is our hope that this action will help interested students throughout the country find high-quality training programs in their area, and become certified as quickly as possible.

The declining state of healthcare in America has been a hot topic of conversation in both the political sphere and around the nation’s water coolers for several years now, and by improving the public’s access to and awareness of vocational education programs like those featured on this site, we hope to encourage a new generation of young people to become part of the solution.

To read more on this important topic and learn how you can join the ranks of the certified nursing assistant profession, we invite you to read our recent press release and the accompanying media coverage here.

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