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How To Prepare For The Certified Nursing Assistant Exam

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The certified nursing assistant exam, or NNAAP, can be one of the most nerve-wracking tests you’ll ever take. You’ll spend as much as four to six weeks training for a single day that is going to determine if you have what it takes to become a certified nursing assistant. This exam wasn’t made to be overly-difficult, but it was designed to determine whether or not you have the necessary skills to provide professional patient care in hospitals, nursing homes, and home care settings.

What Is The Certified Nursing Assistant Exam?Certified Nursing Assistant Exam

The Certified Nursing Assistant exam, or National Nurse Aide Assessment Program, represents the final hurdle you must overcome in order to be considered for a CNA position. While the exact contents of the exam will vary from state to state, it always consists of two parts.

The first part is either a written or oral exam (depending on the test taker’s preference). This section involves answering a series of questions based on real-life situations, and will test your ability to quickly make sound decisions, identify priorities, and recognize common terminology, procedures and practices.

The second half of the exam is where you get to demonstrate that you have mastered the skills need to actually become a certified nurse assistant. This portion of the Certified Nursing Assistant exam is a hands-on skills demonstration, where you are evaluated on your ability to properly complete various tasks. You must pass both portions of the exam in order to receive your certification, and failure to do so results in non-passing score for the entire exam.

When To Take The CNA Exam

You must take the NNAAP within two years of completing your CNA training classes, or you will be required to go back and retake all of the coursework. Therefore, it is usually best to schedule a test date as close to the completion of your studies as possible. However, if you’re planning on moving to another state, you may want to hold off on taking the Certified Nursing Assistant exam.

Requirements for certification vary from state to state. If you take the test and then move, you may find that the version of the test you completed elsewhere is not sufficient for your local certification board, and you’ll be required to retake it in its entirety.

Resources To Prepare You For Test Day

If you’re getting the jitters over taking the exam, there are plenty of resources available to help you prepare and calm your nerves. CNA practice tests, study guides and other online tools are available through basic searches of the internet, as are additional resources that you can acquire directly from your testing center.

Make sure not to cram and give yourself plenty of time to study. Get a good night’s sleep the night before and walk in with all the information you need fresh in your mind. As long as you’re relaxed and prepared, you’ll find that the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam is not so difficult.

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