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Free CNA ClassesBecoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can be an expensive process for some, and for that reason, free CNA classes are extremely popular. Programs provided by technical colleges and other institutions can cost thousands of dollars and, in a tough economy, many people don’t have that kind of cash lying around. Thanks to the Red Cross and several other organizations, however, it is possible to receive free professional training at select locations. It must be noted, however, that free courses do not qualify their graduates to sit for the certification exam. They simply provide an opportunity for individuals to become exposed to the material first before deciding to pursue certification.

What Is Covered In Free CNA Classes?

For the most part, free CNA classes cover the same curriculum that you’ll find when taking a paid course. Since these month-long courses are generally made-up of 8 hour-a-day classes, however, they tend to be much more intense and demanding than conventional alternatives. Like classes offered through other accredited institutions, courses provided through the American Red Cross and other similar organizations consist of both classroom and lab hours.

Free Online Classes

Are Free Online Classes Available?

Unfortunately, there really is no such thing as free online CNA classes. It is possible for students who are already enrolled in an accredited certified nursing assistant program to complete some of their units online for no additional cost, but this is obviously not the same thing as taking all of their classes for free.


Getting The Most Out Of Free CNA Classes

Free CNA classes are a valuable resource and can help the people who qualify to enroll in them when the time comes to take the CNA exam. Take care not to skip out on any parts and you’ll be a certified nursing assistant in no time. So long as you commit yourself completely to the learning all of the material offered, you’ll find that free CNA classes are every bit as effective at helping you launch your career as their paid counterparts.

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