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CNA Practice TestAt some point in their preparation for the certification exam, most students will want to get their hands on a CNA practice test. The opportunity to study by reviewing actual questions from previous CNA tests obviously has great value as it allows individuals to not only gain a glimpse at the specific material that will be covered, but how it will be presented as well. If you’re interested in finding a good practice exam to help prepare for test day, this post will help point you in the right direction by identifying some of the best places to look.

A Word About The CNA Practice Test

Just to be clear, when discussing available sample tests, the common inference is that we are discussing the CNA written test. As you are probably aware, the standard certified nursing assistant exam consists of a written portion and a skills demonstration section. Obviously, a sample CNA practice test only reflects the written portion of the exam.

Where To Look For Sample Tests

The NNAAP Website

To find a version of the CNA practice test that contains recent sample questions, the best place to look first is the official site for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program. The NNAAP program is recognized as the leading assessment exam in the nation for certified nursing assistant candidates, and is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). Follow this link to see a sample of the latest NNAAP practice test.

Official Test Centers

A second obvious place to look for study guides and sample exams are the test centers themselves. The majority of licensed facilities will have materials available (including sample CNA test questions) to anyone who has scheduled a testing appointment.  Many test centers are affiliated with national testing organizations like Prometric, and it is also possible to find sample exams on these groups’ websites as well. For instance, a sample of the nurse aid practice test administered by Prometric can be found here.

State Testing Sites

Because there will be some differences between the CNA practice test administered in each state, another good place to search is your state’s official testing site. Not only do most states provide sample questions that will be relevant to test takers anywhere in the country, but they also include material specific to their region. These sites represent an invaluable, yet often-overlooked resource for aspiring nurse aides and assistants.


In addition to the aforementioned sources, there are a variety of nursing-focused websites that will occasionally contain study materials for the CNA certification exam. However, it is important to note that not all of these sites will contain official sample tests and some of them may contain information that is just downright wrong. In other words, they represent a case where the user should beware.

A Final Note On CNA Testing

As mentioned earlier, each state typically has its own unique material that is included on its CNA practice test. When preparing for your big day at the testing center, it is important to make sure that you have not only mastered the universal material covered over the course of your CNA classes, but the state-specific details as well. It is also imperative that you remember to prepare for the skills demonstration portion of the exam as a passing score on both halves is required in order to become certified.

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