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Nurses Aide Registry FAQ

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A nurses aide registry keeps track of all of the individuals in a given area who have met the written and skills test requirements in order to work in a long-term care setting. The registry works to catalog professionals and maintain records of each nurses aide for future employment references.

How to Get Listed In the Nurses Aide Registry

In order to actually be registered in the nurses aide registry a healthcare practitioner must first pass a skills and written examination. After the applicant has passed both tests they will be listed in the nurse aide registry. The skills test usually consists of five different random scenarios that the nurse aide will have to navigate their way through. The written examination is usually around 50 multiple-choice questions. All of the skills test examples and exam questions can be found in the nurses aide handbook which can be used to study up for these exams. Generally a lot of the things that are covered on these exams will just be review from their certified nursing program as applicants will have to be qualified health professionals carrying a diploma in the field.

Nurses Aide RegistryAbout the CNA Exam

The testing for the nurses aide registry will have to be completed within two years of a student finishing their program. If the test is not taken within two years of completing a nurse’s aide training program it is required that the applicant complete a new program and take the test within another two year time period. Applicants will usually get about three attempts to pass both the clinical skills and the written evaluations. If they are not able to pass they may be required to go back and complete a new program in order to be eligible to take the test again.

Tests must be scheduled prior to being examined. If an applicant should not show up for the test they are counted as a no-show and this will count as one attempt of the test or a failure. Rescheduling the test is possible though only one reschedule is allowed.

Why the CNA Registry Is Important

The advantage to having a nurses aide registry is that employers will be able to tell exactly who is registered and competent when they’re searching for applicants for positions. The nurses aide registry also keeps on record any history of abuse or any notable problems which could be on a potential applicants record. The nurse’s aide registry is available for anyone to check up on a healthcare practitioner to see the type of care that they have been giving for their entire career. It is possible to submit reports to the nurse’s aide registry in order to warn others about potential problems with one of the nurses within the registry as well. The nurses aide registry stands as an excellent form of consumer reporting and is a great way for employers to identify and weed out bad applicants.

By having the nurses aide registry on file it ensures that the quality of healthcare remains high and that anyone who is been found to be abusive or performed particularly poorly in their healthcare field is identified.

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