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NYU Nurses Take Center Stage During Superstorm Sandy

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Heroic images of NYU Langone Medical Center nurses manually pumping air into the lungs of newborn babies as they were evacuated in the wake of Superstorm Sandy have been all over the news in the past couple of weeks. As this real life drama played out, the nation was able to not only see one of the world’s best intensive care units in action, but also just how important the role of nurses is in dealing with emergencies. While firefighters, policemen and the National Guard are generally the first ones we think of when disaster strikes (and rightfully so), let’s not forget that the second line of responders includes nursing professionals.

A Shout Out To Margot Condon

Probably the most-recognizable nurse to most television viewers was NICU nurse Margot Condon. The scenes of her helping a newborn breathe while carrying the child down 15 flights of stairs showed just how crucial the bond is between patient and nurse in many instances and made her an overnight national celebrity. From all of us here at, we’d just like to give a shout out to Margot and say “Job well done!” You represent the finest in what the nursing profession has to offer!

See The Interview With Margot Here

If you’d like to watch Anderson Cooper of CNN’s recent interview with Margot, check out the following video.

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